Glass veil / Fleece

Item Name

Weight g/m2Styrene solubilityGlass TypeApplications
ECR25A25weakECR Advantexwinding process
ECR30A30weakECR Advantexwinding process
ECR50A/350weakECR Advantexwinding process
ECR70A/370weakECR Advantexwinding process
ECR30S30goodECR Advantexopen mold systems, winding process
ECR30H/330goodECR Advantexpultrusion
C6430weakCmanual procedure, winding process
C11430goodCmanual procedure
C3333noCmanual procedure and pultrusion
C5050weakCmanual procedure, winding process

OCV - Kelteks is the exclusive distributor for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

TDS on customer's request.