Needled fabrics 200 - 1000 g/m2

Item Name g/m2Roll Width (cm)Roll Length (m)Standard Packaging
standardmin.max.standardmin.max.Roll Weight
approx. kg
Pallet Weight 
approx. kg
Pallet Dimensions
w x d x h (cm)
igl.RT200200125502401505020038230110 x 130 x 100
igl.RT3003002405030015050200108650110 x 265 x 160
igl.RT42042026050300230503002501500110 x 285 x 160
igl.RT50050012550300805020050600100 x 130 x 150
igl.RT60060012550300705020050600100 x 130 x 150
igl.RT80080012550300505010050600100 x 130 x 150
igl.RT90090012550300505010055660100 x 130 x 150
igl.RT1000100012550300505010060720100 x 130 x 150

Note: Any roving fabric in densities ranging from 200 g/m2 to 1500 g/m2 can be needled.

Volumized single-layer or multi-layer products are used as customized solutions for diverse applications:

- They provide thickness to the laminate.
- Thanks to their softness, they are well suited for laminating corners.
- They improve the appearance of the laminate.
- They can nicely be cut widthwise without spreading the fibers.
- Multilayer products save the preparation time for lamination.