Roving fabrics 200 - 345

Item Name g/m2Roll Width (cm)Roll Length (m)Standard Packaging
standardmin.max.standardmin.max.Roll Weight
approx. kg
Pallet Weight
approx. kg
Pallet Dimensions
w x d x h (cm)
RT2002001052020010050500211000113 x 130x 160
RT27027013020200505050018860113 x 155 x 160
RT28028024010038012250300831660105 x 265 x 130
RT30030012583801225030045450105 x 130 x 80
RT300/130012581801205030045450105 x 130 x 80
RT34534512081601205030050500110 x 125 x 90

Note: Any other density or weave can be produced on request.


Roving fabrics and tapes are produced using rovings ranging from 200 to 9600 tex. They are compatible with polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins. The base materials are E glass and ECR glass.

Roving fabrics from 6 cm to 380 cm wide, of densities ranging from 160 g/m2 to 900 g/m2.
can be manufactured on customer's request.